Back To The Future Almanac

Predicting the future

To promote our new future of retail products, we recreated the sports almanac from the Back to the Future 2 movie with a tech twist. Our Almanac predicts all of the major innovations from today’s biggest tech companies, as well as what we think is in store for the retail industry. We then hid our limited edition books around Austin, TX during SXSW 2015.

The Future of Retail

The Brigade has worked with some of Canada’s most innovative retailers and in 2013 received a grant from the Canadian Government to envision the store of the future. We partnered with the University of Calgary’s Human Interfaces Lab and we have developed a proof of concept prototype of what the retail environment of the future will look like.

Current & emerging technologies such as digital point- of-sale signage, beacons, multi-screen interactions, RFID product tags, biometric & NFC payment, intelligent customer profiles, advanced loyalty programs, and 4D experiences are all in various stages of development. We have a vision for what the retail landscape will look like in 10 years and we’re actively developing the near-future technologies that will be invading retail stores.

We are looking for partners that understand digital and are passionate about building a digital retail environment. If you are a forward thinking retailer and you are interested in creating the stores of the future with us, please get in touch.


Back to the Future inspiration

As a future focused company, we advise our clients on the emerging technologies that will be shaping the world, so we thought that we would have a little fun at SXSW. It’s also pretty obvious that we are massive Back to the Future fans and we simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to parody one of our favourite films of all time. Especially since we just passed Back To The Future Day.

Unfortunately 2015 is already behind us and while we don’t have flying cars yet, it’s still a pretty awesome time to be alive. That’s why we created this book, to dream about the future and see what comes next. We can’t wait.

You can download the full Almanac here:

The Brigade BTTF Almanac