The Brigade | Ortho4d Site & 3D Animation
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About This Project

The Brigade team was hired by Material Insight to design the Ortho4D website. The biggest differentiator of their app was the 360 degree view that it offered, which can help orthodontists keep better patient notes. A 3D scrolling animation on their website seemed like the perfect element to convey the benefit of the product and help the startup company to stand out in their industry. It was also important that a potential client could see the interface and experience how easy it really was. For that, the Brigade team used HTML5 to create a simplified version of their UI that allowed a user to perform some simple interactions. Soon after the site launched the client was already getting requests for product demos.

3D model and animation

3D rendering and animation

A gif of the 3D model The Brigades 3D team created. The animation is triggered when the user scrolls down the homepage of the site. The client requested this feature to show off the true 3D capabilities of the software. A first for this type of software.

Ortho 4D Custom UI

Custom drag & drop UI

A simplified version of the software’s UI that allows the site visitor to see just how easy it is to use Ortho 4D’s software.  Users are able to drag dental fixtures onto the teeth while notes for the procedure are dynamically created. Another first for the industry.

Ortho 4D Mobile

Responsive Design

A fully responsive design of the site was necessary for display at trade shows. Prospective clients could get an idea of how the software worked regardless of the device they were viewing the site on.

Ortho4D Site and 3D Animation

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