About This Project

The Brigade was hired to design and develop a unique app for Moodys Gartner Tax Law. The firm provides tax services to snowbirds and dual citizens who spend a fair amount of time south of the border, so it was important that it aligned with their business and they didn’t want to make just another app. So to get noticed and entice people to download the app, the Brigade team created the Day Counter tool that allows the user to manually or automatically track the time they spend in the US, which can help them avoid any tax implications. When a user gets close to their legally allowed time, they will receive an alert and a message to contact Moodys Gartner if they have any questions. It also showcases their news posts on changes in Canadian and US tax laws and includes easy to reference tax tables. The app provided added value and aligned with their brand’s expertise, which has been a big hit with both current and potential customers.

Moodys mobile App

Custom Location Tracking

The Moodys Gartner Tax App was designed to automatically (or manually) track the users time spent in the US once the border has been crossed. This allows users to keep track of their time spent in the US to avoid costly tax penalties. Trips can be labeled for easy organization.

Push Notification & Alerts

The Moodys Gartner Tax App sends notifications to the user to inform them of their time spent in the US. The app uses an algorithm to determine the amount of time the user can stay without being taxed as a US citizen.

Clean & Simple UI

The app dashboard shows all important information and allows the user to easily reference, edit and add new (manual mode) travel days in one convenient location. The user can also access current tax information and contact a Moodys Gartner representative if they need advice or representation.

Moodys Gartner Tax App

iOS 7+

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